Registration Application


Registration Application

Work Order

Breeding Certificate

Breeding Certificate (Fillable)

In order to register or transfer St. Croix sheep you will need to fill out the work order form and registration form(s) and mail along with a check for amount due. Initially you will also need to attach copies of the Registration certificates for both the Sire (Ram) and the Dam (Ewe). Once those sheep have been entered into our database, whether by you or another breeder, copies will not have to be provided. Please click the Pedigrees tab to see if your sire and dam are listed in our data base. A completed Breeding Certificate must be submitted along with the registration application for any sheep being registered if the sire was not owned by the registration applicant (e.g., sire was borrowed or leased.) If you have any questions about this or anything else regarding registration or dues please contact:

SCHSIA Registrar
Phone: 785-456-8500


Laurel Field, SCHSIA Secretary