2020 SCHSIA Annual Meeting


Important information for you that our Association Annual Meeting has been another casualty of the Covid Pandemic.

After a lot of time and energy planning, it was decided that we needed to pass on this year. We sincerely apologize if this has changed any travel plans you may have made but we are confident that it is the right decision. The two main reasons were the lack of a moderately priced hotel with available eateries and more importantly, Virginia State will not grant us access to the research station at this time. We THANK YOU for your patience and request that you save the date and watch for information on our conference call annual meeting on October 17th at 1pm EST. At that time, we will review our very productive year as an association and will need member input for a better 2021!! Until then, enjoy your St Croix sheep!

New Online Registration and Membership Renewal Forms

The new Online Registration and Membership Renewal forms are ready for use by SCHSIA members. To use the new forms you must log in to the Member’s Area of the website. If you haven’t created your Member’s Area account yet, please follow the directions on the Member’s Area page.

After logging in, click the Shopping Cart navigation tab. On the Shopping Cart page use the links near the top of the page to add a Membership Renewal or a Sheep Registration to your cart. After you have added one or more items to your cart you can use the Edit button next to the item name to edit the membership renewal or registration application details. Use the Add Sheep Registration link to add additional registrations to your online application. You can add new owner information to a sheep registration in your cart (if you want to transfer the newly registered sheep to a new owner at the time of registration) by clicking the Edit link next to Registrations in your cart, then use the Transfer link at the right of the line for that registration in the Sheep Registrations list.

After you have added one or more items to your cart you can click the Proceed to Checkout button to finalize your application and pay the fees through PayPal. Before you use the Checkout button you can use the Printable Registration Application link below the Shopping Cart to bring up a PDF of your application that you can print for your records. After completing your payment your application will be stored in the database and the registry office will be automatically notified of your application so they can process it.

Welcome to the St. Croix Hair Sheep International Association Website!

The purposes of the SCHSIA are:

  • To establish a central organization within the United States to register, promote, and encourage quality in the breeding of white, polled St. Croix hair sheep and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection.
  • To define the distinguishing characteristics of the breed.
  • To establish specific minimum standards for registering individual animals.
  • To ensure that individual animals meet specified criteria in order to be registered as members of the St. Croix breed.
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2019 SCHSIA Annual Meeting at the Mother Earth News Fair

All 30 participants had a Great weekend at the St Croix Hair Sheep International Association (SCHSIA) annual meeting in conjunction with The Mother Earth News Fair and The Livestock Conservancy!
Topeka, Kansas was extremely welcoming and an easy fly in, drive in and attending the Fair was a bonus!

Following are some pictures from the event:

Laurie Simpson Field

Before the start of the meeting at the expo center.

We had 30 travelers from 10 states representing our sheep in Topeka, KS!

Kaleb Kahl ((IL) VP, welcoming everyone
Gary Keibler (KY) Treasurer and Laurel Field (OR) Secretary

Meeting participants

Jeff Ebert with Associated Registries speaking to our members. A great visit with time for questions.

Dr Charlene Couch PhD with the Livestock Conservancy as our primary guest speaker.

Raffle gifts that were donated and given to participants as gifts.

Keith and Karen Stephens (TX) visiting with Fair attendees interested in St Croix.
Laurel Field (OR) background.

The booth was busy! Both days, all day!
Brian Field (OR) visiting with Ryan Larsen (AR) in the foreground.

Joyce Keibler visiting with interested SC parties.

Casey Larsen (AR) answering questions. Gary Alcorn (KY) in the back.

4 April born rams lambs from Hemmerhill Farm brought as “show and tell”.
They were a hit with all ages and Sold!