NOTICE: NEW REGISTRAR – Effective Dec. 1st, 2014, your board of directors is happy to announce the appointment of Premier Registry, as our official Registrar. You may find all the particulars and new forms on the Registration Application page.

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The reinstatement of SCHSIA has been initiated for the following reasons:

  1. To maintain the “polled and white” breed standard
  2. To return control of the association to its members

We hope you will be excited about the reinstatement of the association and breed standards that have served us well over the past three decades. Please use our Contact form to send us any comments or questions. We look forward to the revitalization of our association, as well as our breed, and to your feedback.

You may also visit what will again be the official chat site of the SCHSIA. If you need help with log in, etc. email the administrator at .

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2014 SCHSIA Officers and Directors

by Site Admin on February 22, 2014

Dear SCHSIA Members:

Please see the attached announcement confirming election of Officers and Directors for this year.

Our association is up to 75 members and growing rapidly. Please visit our web site for an updated list of members as well as other timely information about what is happening in YOUR association.

The new board would appreciate member input regarding your primary areas of concern for this year. So, if you would like to comment please reply to this email.

Sincerely, Gary Keibler, President


This letter is to bring you up to date with what has been happening within the St. Croix Hair Sheep International Association ( SCHSIA) the past few months.

First, the original corporation established in 1983 in Arkansas ( St. Croix Sheep Breeders Association ), has been merged into SCHSIA of Oregon. All assets of the original association are now legally transferred to SCHSIA. We are now fully established in business.

Second, we have signed a contract with Associated Registries in Milo, Iowa and sheep can easily be registered or transferred as long as they conform to the original breed standards, white without color or visible scurs, and dues are current. Anyone paying dues after August 31st, 2013 to SCHSIA are paid through 2014. It has been necessary to start rebuilding our data base for our registry. St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders, Inc. took over the data base and changed the breed standards without membership approval , and have taken the position of not sharing that data base, even though it originally belonged to SCHSIA. They will not release it without a court order. Even though a court order is attainable, the legal costs to do so are considered prohibitive The data base is being reconstituted by sending copies of father and mother pedigrees for all new registrations. Within a year to eighteen months the data base for our registry should be fully restored.

As this letter is being sent, by-laws for SCHSIA are being updated and a draft of those updates will be emailed to each member for approval . The original seven members who reinstated SCHSIA have worked very hard but it is time for the membership to select and elect officers and directors for the coming year . Please email any potential candidates to, Edward Barnes, acting secretary, so that a slate of candidates can be formulated, and voted on by the membership. Your comments and suggestions are also welcome.

Work is continuing on our Website ( We will be adding many features in the next year. In the future , we will be able to add pedigree information for each registered sheep as well as on line registration, and our data base will be totally controlled by SCHSIA.

We have placed a listing in the Breeders Directory of American Sheep Industry News, (monthly) and will be forwarding inquiries to our members.

The important thing to remember is that SCHSIA is totally dedicated to its membership. They run it and they control it. Again, we wish all St. Croix Breeders the happiest of holiday seasons and we look forward to 2014.

Edward D. Barnes, acting Secretary, SCHSIA