NOTICE: NEW REGISTRAR – Effective Dec. 1st, 2014, your board of directors is happy to announce the appointment of Premier Registry, as our official Registrar. You may find all the particulars and new forms on the Registration Application page.

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The reinstatement of SCHSIA has been initiated for the following reasons:

  1. To maintain the “polled and white” breed standard
  2. To return control of the association to its members

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Officers & Directors Nominations for 2016

by Site Admin on July 31, 2015


Dear Membership:

Your Board of Directors has accepted the recommendation of the Nominating Committee and presents nominees for new officers and directors for 2016 as directed by the Bylaws of SCHSIA. These nominees are:

President: Rob Bass, Just Right Ranch, Palestine, Texas

Vice President: Brent VanSickle, Goose Creek Farm, Trafalgar, Indiana

Secretary: Edward Barnes, Dorsey-Lee Farm, Portland, Oregon

Treasurer: Gary Keibler, Hemmer Hill Farm, Crestwood, Kentucky

Southwest Director: Bill Wire, Wire Ranch, Mariposa, California

South Central Director: Jason Pelzel, Persimmon Creek, Koshkonnong, Missouri

Eastern Director: Susan Brooks, Brooks Farm, Bethpage, Tennessee

As per SCHSIA Bylaws, the Northwest Director and North Central Director will not come up for election until 2017.

The secretary of SCHSIA will accept nominations for any of these positions mentioned above by petition with a written acceptance of the candidate from any member in good standing. Also nominations will be accepted at the Annual Membership Meeting in Oklahoma this October with acceptance by the candidate nominated. If there are no further nominations than those presented by the Board, these candidates will be automatically elected as per SCHSIA Bylaws.

Thank you.
Edward D. Barnes, Secretary, SCHSIA


Note: Please be sure to register if you plan to attend the annual meeting so we can get a count of the attendees.